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Remodeling / Home Improvement

If you are looking to remodel and improve your home, contact Three Hammer Construction. We will guide you through your kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling or an addition onto your home. Three Hammer Construction, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right and in a timely manor.

Kitchen Remodeling

Adding cabinets or creating a whole new kitchen. Three Hammer is the right contractor for the job. Having our own cabinet division makes the job go much easier. We have a couple different lines of cabinets to choose from. Come see our showroom to see what we can do for your kitchen.

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Finding someone with experience

Experience plays a big role when hiring a Home Improvement Contractor. At Three Hammer we have the experience to do the job right. We have the residential construction experience that will benefit you. Ask us about the projects that we have done. This will give you a good picture of our past experience and how it can be applied to your project.

We deliver quality service

We deliver quality to complete your project satisfactorily. We will also take the time out to listen to you and find out what you are looking for as well as suggest alternatives that will fit your budget.

Three Hammer will think out of the box

Anyone can use a hammer. We at Three Hammer Construction will take your home improvement project from just another room in the house to a beautiful addition in your home. We will be creative and we have the ability to put all the pieces together in our mind before any work has started.


recent Remodel Jobs

Kids Spot - Roscoe, IL


Three Hammer took on a large job for Kids Spot in Roscoe, IL. We had two existing buildings to start with and created one large facility to house the growing Kids Spot. The two buildings were joined together with offices and the main entrance to the building. The whole front was refaced with new windows, front entry, brick, and stone.

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